Typical Option Contract

NatEquity’s Home Equity Sharing Option Contract for Seniors is a variant of Transamerica HomeFirst’s successful jumbo reverse mortgage products introduced in 1993 by NatEquity’s CEO Peter Mazonas. The principal difference is the elimination of “accrued compound interest” in favor of an early maturity penalty. The maturity premium is designed to assure modest profits on each contract in the event home price appreciation goes flat or home values  decline. NatEquity options one half of the today home value in exchange for the opportunity to receive one half of the home’s appreciated value in the future. NatEquity’s appreciation sharing is capped at 5% cumulative. The upside balance above 5% accrues for the homeowner and their heirs (The dark green right-hand bar in the example below). The Home Equity Sharing Option Contract for a typical single family home with a fair market-value of $1,250,00 provides $2,500 per month. The NatEquity Contract is a balance of income certainty for homeowners, certainty of inheritance for heirs, and a built in cushion in the Contract maturity payment profile to provide funders with individual Contract profits on early maturities in periods of flat or declining home prices.