Filling a Void

  • No other company offers a product that provided seniors lifetime income for as long as they live in their home.


Senior homeowners have for too long been victim of the 2008 mortgage crisis and the regulatory changes that crisis brought about. The Government introduced the “Ability to repay” (ATR) rule. What this says is that senior retirees without W-2 earned income are classified non-qualified borrowers (Non-QM) and are blocked from traditional sources of borrowing. There is an exemption from this rule for government backed reverse mortgages and those offered by private reverse mortgage companies. To date private reverse mortgage companies have concentrated on offering jumbo front-end lump sum loans with a line of credit. These are great if you want to refinance your debt, but don’t help pay the monthly bills as you struggle on low pension benefits and low earnings on savings.

NatEquity’s experience at Transamerica HomeFirst give it the edge in offering a lifetime income equity access product tuned to the coastal California senior market. We know your home continues to grow in value. NatEquity want to share in part of that value growth. Our goal is to help you continue to enjoy that value growth while providing you the income to continue to be the resident manager of your property.