NatEquity is a California residential real estate investment company which allows senior homeowners measured access to home equity and shares in the future appreciated value of their homes. Our goal is to allow senior homeowners to age in place with the assurance of continued income while leaving the unpledged portion of their home’s future value to heirs. There are 2.1 million house-rich but cash poor senior households in coastal California. NatEquity is the reboot of Transamerica HomeFirst (HomeFirst), the successful 1990s jumbo shared equity access mortgage company founded and managed by NatEquity’s founder, Peter Mazonas. NatEquity’s founder has lived in and spent 50-years creating successful multi-billion-dollar retail financial service companies at both Bank of America and Transamerica. Experience and observation make coastal California the ideal market to relaunch a comprehensive program to meet the interdependent financial needs of senior homeowners.
NatEquity’s target markets have enjoyed year-over-year compound home price appreciation upwards of 6% for 30 years. In the 1960s and 1970s California graduates more credentialed teachers than the next six states combined. Those teachers and other young professionals bought modest $35,000 homes and put down roots in close-in suburbs near major job centers. Today these homes average $1.25 – $2.5 million in value and the 2.1 million senior households own $1.4 trillion of single-family homes but live on limited fixed incomes. California’s Proposition 13 froze their property taxes at 1978 values until the homes are resold. Rather than selling and facing skyrocketing rents, these senior homeowners struggle to age in place. When these homes do come to market over the next 10-years, they are typically all cash sales, impervious to market conditions.