NatEquity is a California originator, servicer and portfolio manager of lifetime senior home equity access products. Our goal is to allow senior homeowners to age in place with the assurance of continued monthly income while leaving the unpledged portion of their home’s future value to heirs. There are 3.5 million house-rich but cash poor senior households in coastal California. By 2030, seniors aging in place will total 6 million – the most of any state.

NatEquity’s seasoned leadership team are mostly over age 60 and have grown up in coastal California. We understand how unique this market is and why seniors who put down roots here don’t want to move. Like you, we are professionals with strong ties to the communities in which we live. Our job has been to take our market knowledge and experience to build products especially for you.

NatEquity’s product concept is simple: We agree to buy one half of each home at today’s appraised value, in exchange for ownership of one half of each home at time of future sale. In exchange NatEquity provides the homeowner(s) monthly cost of living adjusted income, a “fresh start” payment to fix that leaky roof and or modernize the kitchen and baths and payoff a reset HELOC. All of this while making sure the unpledged portion of your home’s future value is protected for heirs.

NatEquity is different from other lenders with business principle and practices anchored in a philosophy developed more than 30-years ago when our founder created Transamerica HomeFirst (THF). HomeFirst was the first successful company to offer senior homeowners’ monthly income for as long as they lived in their home. Because NatEquity and our investors share in the future value of each home we form a partnership with each homeowner, resident manager. This means our borrowers have a relationship manager with whom they can talk through issues and get outcomes.